2009.02 | Store Design | Twitter | Netbooks

Store Design – Design is an increasingly used differentiator in products. We’ve all seen it. The blue LEDs on TVs, endless mobile phone iterations, and touchscreen interfaces are just the tip of the iceberg as everyone tries to find the next iPhone. Stores are no different. Have a look at some examples. Stores are increasingly design based trying to provide a unique customer experience. If we can our solutions part of this design, we can place our products as a key element of the overall environment.

Twitter – This is a web service where people share what they are doing a few characters at a time. Sound ridiculous? It is. So are lots of other websites, but millions love it, and when that happens, the bandwagon grows. Barack Obama had a twitter account during the US election, and some retailers embrace it as another channel, including Starbucks, and large US retailer Zappos. Expect more to jump on board.

Netbooks Various manufacturers are now producing new smaller notebooks in the 9 inch range. This means further mobile computing power in the hands of the masses and more opportunities for them to research buying decisions in the field. Using Facebook or other social media allows clients to look at recommendations from their online contacts. There are rumours that Apple is testing a large version of the iPhone to provide a slightly different netbook like experience. If that happens, there could be another wave of mobile apps and change to the retail technology landscape.

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