2009.09 | Consumer Interaction Complexity

We’ve discussed the importance of consistency across multiple channels in today’s consumer facing world. The tools and interfaces available to consumers continues to grow at breakneck speed, and very few of the consumer facing organizations have leveraged them fully, though the rate of change certainly makes that difficult for everyone. I’ve beaten Twitter to death, but here are a few other technologies that could provide additional channels for retailers, and new ways for consumers to leverage technologies.

Microsoft Surface – This table based LCD provides another venue for the internet in the home, and at consumer facing businesses. Using sensors in peripherals and in the table, data is flawlessly passed from surface to devices like phones and cameras – allowing sharing payments and endless possibilities. NCR recently demonstrated a financial solution using Microsoft Surface.

Motorola Sparrow – This new concept is billed as solution to assist store staff in building a better relationship with customers. Part Telxon gun, part loyalty tool, this shows some real innovation in what’s really been a bit of a stale area for some time.

Google Latitude – See where your friends are at any given time on your mobile with this newly released location based social networking tool. Loopt and others have done the same thing, but Google jumping on board will give it additional credibility. People have concerns about privacy, but do we really think we have privacy anyway? Will the younger generations care? If they don’t, this tool provides consumer based organizations a way to market via their consumers.

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