2009.13 | iPhone 3.0 | Eco-Logical | Zappos

iPhone 3.0 – If you follow technology, and mobile technology in particular, you would have to have been under a rock not to know about the new release of iPhone software announced today. While there are some impressive upgrades to the software, like copy/paste, enabling APIs for turn by turn directions, and tethering, (all things you can do with a jailbroken iPhone today) a most interesting sidepoint is the fact that developers can now charge users within an app instead of just on the app store. This presents some potential for some interesting business models within apps, and potentially for related services depending on apple’s rules, though, of course, developers will inevitably have to show apple some love on each purchase for the privilege.

Eco-Logical – Given today’s difficulties in the markets, it may seem prudent to prune organizations, however downturns also represent times for catching up or passing your competition. The green revolution presents an tremendous opportunity for getting costs in line and showing your customers new ideas. The notion of green cars is an example known to all, but beyond these there a lots of ideas for re-purposing the technology of today to show value to clients and make an effort to change the world for the better. This month’s trendwatching article on “Eco-Bounty” has some great examples – solar mobile phones, electrical smart metering in Ontario (I’m getting one in my home), Worn Again Virgin Bags. There are always examples of green-washing, but people are really buying into this, and why not? The world is changing.

ZapposTalk about embracing technology. Check out this presentation by Zappos‘ CEO Tony Hseih. Refreshing.

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