2009.26 | Simple

Technology is a point of fascination in our culture. The truth of the matter is that the best technology is invisible, or at least it is no longer noticed by the user.

While our society today has access to more technology, information and knowledge than ever before, the much greater challenge lies in simplifying that gift – in making it invisible to enough people that it becomes an ingrained part of life.

While the bleeding edge geek slakes their techno-lust with the newest gadget or by hacking a new solution, the greater challenge is building the tool that can be leveraged by the practical, cost conscious, distracted – and I might add – completely impossible to completely satisfy – regular old joe consumer – the 80 of the 80/20 rule.

Making the solution as simple as possible from a consumer and support perspective is challenging. For a fascinating glimpse into the world of consumer solution usage – particularly of solutions like our own, focus on the comments sections of articles on the various solutions. While many of them can be hard to take, the posts provide a perspective not always heard by the organizations that supply the solutions, and can take the solution providers outside of our own world to that of those who actually use the solution.

Maddening as satisfying the greater public can be – particularly with technology, it is winning this collective that provides the most rewards – financial or otherwise. If they could just find a way to stop the support calls from parents. Making it simple is not so simple.

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