2009.30 | Why Self Service for Consumers?

The proliferation of self service is nothing new.  NCR’s ongoing series of Buzzback Self Service Surveys continue to indicate that consumer comfort level with technology as well as their desires for both convenience and service choice drive them increasingly toward self service options. Beyond the confines of the survey questions, what’s in it for consumers?

Less Queueing – Less is definitely more here. Nobody wants to wait in line, and whether you admit it or not, you probably have a strategy and opinion on queues. Providing self service option means more points of service, which means the ability to accommodate more customers in the same footprint.

Perception of Faster Service – It stands to reason that the time goes faster when one is engaged in the activity versus staring vacantly at the latest Brangelina rag waiting in line.

Control – Consumers like things their way. Increased customization is becoming the norm. Providing self service allows consumers to operate at their own pace and transact business in the way that they choose.

Privacy – Ever get embarrassed at the drug store? Consumers no longer need to go the check-out red-faced.

Avoiding Human Contact – Ever have one of those days? Sometimes consumers want help in a retail envrionment. Sometimes consumers know what they want or want to be left alone. Self service is a particular boon for those times.

Multi-Language Capability – In a globalized world, there is an increasing diversity of language. Part of good customer service is providing the option to handle a transaction in a language of the consumer’s choice.

Entertainment and Novelty – While the ubiquity of self-checkout and ATMs render them somewhat banal, there are many takes on self service solutions that are changing the face of self service.

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