2009.39 | Link Mania – Mobile Solutions II

flixsterAs a follow up to the first Link Mania of Mobile Solutions, there are lots of interesting mobile solutions making the rounds these days in retail and other corporate to consumer areas.  Consider the following:

Financial / Payment – While transferring data from phone to point of service continues to be a challenge, there are players making efforts:

Mobile Banking – Mobile Cheque Deposit

Mobile Wallet – Vivowallet, Enstream

Coupons – Cellfire, Coupon Sherpa, Yowza

Location Based Services – This is the next great opportunity for consumer facing organizations.  Getting on to consumer GPS is a great way to make it easy to do business with your organization.

Movie Times and Tickets – Flixster

Non-fixed Retail Location Awareness – Kogi Korean BBQtweets their location

Mapping – TimmysFinder, GrandeGetter, Yelp!wwdc2009-706

Individual Based Location Awareness – Google Latitude, Loopt

Rental Car – Zipcars – Find a rental car, and even unlock it with your mobile device.

Table Availability Notification – ReadyPing

These are just a few examples of what’s already out there, laying the foundation for future opportunities to connect more deeply and directly with consumers.


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