2011.19 | Buy Now! | Try it on! | Pick it out!

Buy Now! – I was interested to see that in Wired 19.05 (on the Wired iPad app) it is possible to click a button next to the profiled products in the Test Sections which takes readers directly to a link to purchase said item.  While the wizards at Conde Nast aren’t perfect (making me watch a video every time I go to the title page is annoying; losing track of my purchases of every single iPad Wired issue didn’t impress) this is a seemingly obvious improvement to magazines, which we all know are giant bundles of ads anyway.   Considering Conde Nast owns Vogue, this seems like a lucrative way to help fund the magazine and provide a very useful service. (They only won me back on Wired because 19.05 was free – good move Wired.)

Try it on! – A Topshop store in Russia recently toyed with a Kinect hack to build a virtual mirror.  While this is the second one of these I’ve seen in recent months, I’m still not convinced of their validity as a true selling tool.  Placing this in the middle of the sales floor is an obvious attention grabber for a one off situation (note guy holding tray of champagne), but unlikely to be a device used for the masses to sell more clothing.  It’s a really great technical trick, and fun for now, but the video doesn’t give me the impression of what the outfit would really look like if one was serious about buying it.

Pick it out! – Another kinect hack solved a more practical problem in my mind.  Picture going to the deli or the Starbucks and asking for that sandwich that you want in the front row in the second level of the glass display.  No, not that one, the one behind there.  Having been on both sides of the glass in retail, I love this hack that allows a person behind the counter to understand what item is being indicated by the shopper.  The kinect is configured to provide an image of what the shopper is pointing at.  Small benefit, but if you have a complex display and have to deal with hundred of shoppers the time and angst savings could add up.

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