2012.15 | Table Service GPS, Enhanced Window Shopping & eComics

GPS to Table – I had lunch recently at Panera Bread and had a chance to see the LRS  Table Tracker system in action.  If you haven’t seen this technology, it has all the hallmarks of success.  It’s simple, it works, and customers have no idea it’s happening when it works right.

When you place your order in a casual dining situation – like Panera – you receive a coaster with a number on it.  You find a place to sit and place the coaster on the table.  As your order becomes available, a server can see on restaurant floor plan exactly what table you are sitting at.  The coaster recognizes the RFID tag under your table and identifies your placement on a floor layout map in the back of the store.

What a useful solution we didn’t know we needed!  Now we just have to watch out for those people that like moving tables around in restaurants – they may take your salad.

Virtual Sunglass Changeroom – Adding to the difference between those $5 sunlasses and their more costly brethren, Bloomingdales have added a wrinkle to their sunglasses window shopping experience.  Taking the Virtual Mirror experience highlighted in 2010 to the street, customers walking by the store can look at images of themselves in a monitor with the sunglasses on their face in either front or side perspectives.    If they like them, they can select a button which saves a picture of them wearing the shades to the sunglass bar inside where a sales person can assist them.

Learning from Music and eBooks – Starting this month, Marvel comics will be releasing all of their new releases digitally coincidental with the release of the physical comic book.  Seems like the lessons of the music, movie and digital readers have not been overlooked by Marvel Comics.  Hopefully other content providers are wise enough to embrace new technology and make it a winning situation for all as Marvel appears to have done and avoid “the Internet”  doing it for them – to the detriment of their business.

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