2012.19 | More New Interfaces

Leap Motion Gesture Control – The upcoming release of Leap’s new controller device may be the interface that finally keeps LCD screens clean. Using optical technology, this iPod sized box provides users the ability to control a PC or Mac with gestures in the air instead of a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

Initial reviews of the product indicate that the promised sensitivity is real and much more capable than the Wii and Kinect controllers that preceded  it.  It’s a novel interface, and appears to require  little or no additional programming, so we can expect to see some innovative retailer or consumer facing organization attempt to leverage the solution in a retail environment.

SnapTagsLouLou Magazine leverage SnapTags in their June Issue magazines.  The articles available indicate that readers who download the LouLou App can use the app to read the circular codes to open additional extras, like videos and other additional content.

From the information available, SnapTags appear to be a more attractive flavour of 2D or QR barcodes or Microsoft Tags.  The circles with the lines and dashes are more attractive, but the additional value beyond that is not clear to me.  The fact that many people don’t scan 2d barcodes doesn’t have to do with how they look, it has to do with the fact that every phone doesn’t have a 2d barcode reader as standard equipment as part of the camera.  If they did, I would expect to see more usage.  For myself, having one more app is not worth it to look at video or other extras, but I’m not the demographic they are looking for.  I would just read the magazine as an app with the links built in.

Microsoft Mirage Table – Working with someone remotely is increasingly useful and plausible with increased bandwidth and simple to use collaboration tools.

Microsoft recently demonstrated what they call a MirageTable that provides a more immersive experience than video chat, providing a 3D virtual interaction that allows both parties to interact with  objects  together.  This presents a potential improvement in remote sales and transactions, and many potential future applications.

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