2013.03 – Hangers | Burgers | 3D Cases

Screenshot_2013-01-19_11_37_AMDigital Hangers – Shoppers at the Vanquish Ikebukuro PARCO store in Tokyo are experiencing a new twist on digital signage.  When the hanger with a clothing item on it is removed from the rack, a video clip of a model wearing that particular item is triggered and plays in large format on one of a number of LCD units that are part of a multiple video display array above the rack area.  This sort of context sensitive digital video solution is certainly a step up from playing standard video ads in a store.  Interactivity is certain to capture more interest from shoppers in store, and also provides for curation opportunities as the video can share combinations of items to wear with the featured apparel item. via Vsauce2 – (thanks Hussain!)

Screenshot_2013-01-19_11_47_AMEdible Packaging – Brazilian burger purveyor Bob’s recently unleashed a new ad campaign indicating that their burgers are so tasty that you can’t wait to eat them.  As part of that campaign, Bob’s are selling the burgers with edible wrappers.  Make sure you check out the video showing customers tucking into still wrapped burgers to get the full effect.  It’s a bit strange watching people chew on paper covered burgers. Bob’s wins the trifecta with an engaging campaign that ties well with selling their burgers, shows innovation and reduces waste to boot.

As a neatness obsessed individual, the idea of keeping burger mess inside paper really appeals to me.  To take it to the next level, perhaps instead of e-receipts we can start to issue receipts on edible paper.  Thermal printers can provide just the right amount of heat to cook them. via Vsauce2

Screenshot_2013-01-19_12_01_PM3D Cases – The 3D printing craze continues to pick up steam.  In case you needed some prodding to get out there and get yourself a Nokia Lumix Windows 8 Phone, Nokia recently released files to allow users to print their own 3D case.  Nokia is the first major corporation I’ve noted to put out a part you can print on your own.  Expect this to be the first of many such offers.

Traditional retailers could look on this as a way to extend their shelf space by offering products with exclusive links to download files to personalize, modify or extend products sold in stores.

Haven’t we all purchased electronics and immediately discarded items we know we will never use?  Manufacturers could use the availability of online 3D printing files to reduce waste and cost on included items that not all purchasers may wish obtain.

Got your own 3D printer yet?  Soon. via Wired.

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