2013.15 | Tables, Glass, Showrooming, Holographic Shoes


Interactive Table MenuInamo in London’s Soho has been providing a menu on the table that enables orders to be placed directly to the kitchen.  The projection system powered by e-table interactive allows the menu, table themes and games to be shown directly on the table.  It’s gimmicky, but the restaurant’s been in business for years, so they are definitely doing something right.

Google Glass Apps – Now that Google Glass is starting to make its way into the real world, we can look forward to some specially developed android powered apps to appear.  Wired has a few interesting ideas for initial apps.  Scanning apps seem a natural fit for a camera enabled solution like glass.  It would be a short jump to enabling Evernote to remember things you want to buy.  Also expect showrooming with products like RedLaser or Amazon to become even easier to use if people start wearing these kooky glasses.

Showrooming – Speaking of showrooming, that term is increasingly being turned on its head as e-tailers move into the real world.  Stylish and innovative online glasses seller Warby Parker recently opened a real world shop in NYC. Given the recent findings from Forrester that indicate visiting stores is what matters most to consumers, is it only a matter of time until we have stores from pureplay e-tailers like Amazon and JackThreads?


Holographic Shoes –  A recent ad campaign for Nike Free 5.0 made use of a holocube that realistically portrays an actual 3 dimensional shoe inside of a box that moves and flexes on its own, showcasing the flexibility of the design of the shoe to advantage.  The ad, installed in some bus shelters in Amsterdam has been effective in capturing the attention of passersby if the video is to be believed.

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