2013.16 | #music | curation | pizza

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Twitter Music – It’s difficult to believe that iTunes turned 10 this past month.  The way that music is purchased and consumed has certainly changed drastically in that time.  Perhaps the way we discover new music is about to change as well.  Twitter recently released their twitter music service which allows users to see and sample top and trending music as well as music that interests the people you follow on Twitter. Accessible online or via mobile, subscribers to rdio and spotify can even link to their accounts to be able to hear the complete tracks.  It’s a clever way to leverage data at their fingertips to provide value for their users and to monetize their system.

Curation – It’s interesting that the focus on so many things retail is moving from price and selection to curated experiences.  It makes a great deal of sense to move the retail experience away from commodity items that can be obtained from the lowest bidder to becoming the sales agent by providing clients a window into what they like.  Leveraging data and taste to sell stuff is a natural move and we can expect to see a great deal more of this.

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Two of the most interesting retailers I’ve been following are Frank & Oak and JackThreads.  Both of these retailers are blurring the lines between online retailer, a social club, and a mens magazine.  Email marketing missives from these organizations are as fun to open as messages from your friends – because they read like they are from friends.  Recent messages from JackThreads parent company Thrillist included gems like roomba like mini bbq cleaners, a walking hexapod and HD video glasses.  Frank & Oak’s first email to me was an invitation for me to join from an actual real life friend of mine.   On registration they asked me to categorize myself by selecting how I dress at work, what kind of clothing elements I like etc.  From that, they show me my store when I get online.

The communications from these organizations don’t feel like they are constantly trying to sell with discount offer emails like more traditional retailers.  They all but force you to get a login so that we can be identified, and yet they feel more like the promise of the ongoing conversation we’ve all been looking forward to with omnichannel retailing – with an actual conversationalist.  Online, mobile, email, and apps in JackThreads case, all seem to provide a single view to the client.  There’s some work to be done, but there is a promising future for these sorts of new retailers.  Perhaps like Amazon and Warby Parker, stores will be in the cards for these retailers as well.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 7.04.23 PMPizza Hut on Xbox 360 – You can never have too many ways to order pizza.  Over the years we’ve seen pizza ordering from websites, fridge magnets, augmented reality, tablets, facebook, and now Xbox 360.  The ability to order pizza via a video game console makes perfect sense.  It’s just another touchpoint, and provides another channel through which the target market spends their time.  This is yet another example of a savvy organization noting where their potential customers spend their time and making it easy and fun to do business with them.  Other organizations would do well to take note.  With a proliferation of channels, it’s important to be selective, but picking the right channels to suit your business and your customers could result in a perfect match.

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