2013.28 | thirdlove | ubi | ikea ar


thirdlove – Fit is more important than ever with online clothing purchases.  A trusted fit can drive more return sales and loyal clients.  Driven by technology under development by Nasa scientists, a soon to be released app now in beta from lingerie company thirdlove will allow women to size themselves for a bra with just two selfies in a tank top.  It would seem logical that if images can be used to build sizes for undergarments that the next progression could be the capability of capturing sizes of for other apparel with images.  Such a solution would be a valuable addition to any retailer’s app or website.

ubi – Make any surface a touchscreen with a little help from ubi interactive.  All that is needed is a windows 8 pc, a kinect, a projector, and the ubi app.

For $149 and some off the shelf components, retailers are free to enable some unique customer experiences in store.  For those willing to invest in the enterprise version of the app, it’s even possible to do multi-touch apps on 100 inch display.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.14.24 PM

With the release of the kinect, interactive experiences become cost effective and relatively easy to implement.  Software could now be used to redesign huge areas of stores very quickly.  Instead of repainting, or sending out signage, messaging, planograms and store display instructions to stores for staff to implement, entire areas of the store could be redesigned with a software update distributed to the store and the repositioning of projectors on tracks on the ceiling to great effect.  With the increasing integration of technology into our lives, these unique experiences, if built to address a target clientele, can drive more traffic and more business.

ikea 2014 catalog app

ikea augmented reality – The 2014 catalog app from Ikea lets consumers see how furniture will look in their home environment by overlaying images of the products over their camera.  The app cleverly uses the size of the paper ikea catalog to get the scale of the image on which the product is placed.  While the Lowe’s Canada app from 2012 pioneered this sort of application by letting clients look at the details of a refrigerator and washer, this is an even better use of the technology.  Taking uncertainty out of the purchase by letting clients see the room with the product are more likely to make the purchase, and may even do so online.

Next step: How about including the Ikea collection in virtual staging (via Spark 213). What better way to capture potential furniture sales than to show potential home buyers what their new homes would look like fully furnished in the latest home fashions from Sweden?

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