2018-05-28 – Scan & Pay – BYOP – Video – Dual Speed Store

cart mount for mc18Mobile Scan and PayProgressive Grocer recently ran a solid article on how grocers that enable scanning with mobile phones or devices can benefit.  Lots of good points in here – particularly on how audits and shopper identification ensure a good balance of shopper experience and shrink avoidance. After years of anticipation, this solution is starting to find its place.

BYOP – Bring your own packaging is getting a boost from Morrisons. Progressive ideas like allowing shoppers to bring their own containers are a unique and interesting prospect at a major retailer – as long as hygiene is well addressed. Given the ongoing plans to remove plastic bags and drinking straws, this is not a surprising development, and certainly an admirable idea! Tares will need to be addressed on self-service systems, but that is entirely addressable with current solutions.

atm-card-skimmer-safety-pin-number-shielded-by-hand-shutterstock-510pxVideo – Security in stores continues to evolve, with an increased focus on video. Sainsbury recently encountered some challenges with new video technology on self-checkout. While video on self-checkout is really nothing new, the concerns about HD cameras mounted above shoppers that can inadvertently show shoppers entering a PIN are a new phenomenon.

Kinks will need to be worked out of these new solutions, but the answer can be as low tech as covering your hand when you enter a PIN. This is my recommendation to all shoppers to avoid anyone seeing your pin. A better option is to use contactless with your credit card (face down so nobody can steal your number). For the best possible security for smaller transactions use Apple Pay or Google Pay that don’t show the number or a PIN to any camera and require your thumbprint!

Dual Speed Store – I’ve been talking to retailers for years about the same shoppers visiting stores for different journeys, and thinking about how we support different experiences with different technologies and store processes.

Buying shoes is a great example. Sometimes shoppers walk right up to the pair they want and then walk out. Some shoppers will try on many pairs. Both are different experiences. I wholeheartedly encourage new ideas to best address all shopping journeys. I found this recent article on just such a store design. This is an idea all retailers can consider to suit their various businesses, and ideally none of us wait!

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