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My name is Tim Dickey and I am a retail technology consultant.  I am based in Mississauga, ON and am employed by NCR Canada Corp.

I have worked in technology since 1994 serving retail and telecommunications markets in financial and sales roles. I have experience with solutions including but not limited to customer service, database and ERP systems, software, self service,  point of sale and mobile.  I also spend more time online than offline, and am always looking for the latest and greatest gadgets and electronic devices.

This blog started as an internal e-mail to share information about current technology with my work colleagues and selected clients. My ultimate objective is to provide specific real world information and examples to understand current trends in technology and their impact on consumers and consumer facing organizations.

For full disclosure, I work for NCR Canada Corp.  Please note that all opinions, comments, and recommendations as well as errors and omissions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of NCR Canada Corp or NCR Corporation.  Links and posts are provided as information only and should not be taken as my recommendation for a product, service or organization.

If you are the owner of a site, and I have linked to your site or used an image against your desires, merely bring your concern to my attention, and I will remove the link or image.

You can contact me on twitter, linkedin,  or email using first.last@ncr.com.


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