2011.30 | Retail Innovation Linkdump

July and August have completely overwhelmed me with new ideas for retail technology!  Here are some fascinating links and where I found them:

via PSFK:

As always, PSFK has lots of useful information coming in their Future of Retail Report – be sure to check it out.

via Boingboing:

  • Check out the recyclable pizza box from well documented NY store Eataly that is recyclable even though it has had pizza grease on it.  The intrepid pizza box collector gets to the Eataly box at about 2.30 of the video if you can’t wait.

via The Splendid Table:

  • NYC is recruiting customer snitches to identify retailers that might be overcharging at the POS versus posted prices.  Snitches can identify wrongdoers via twitter or Facebook.
via @Wired:
  • Digital Signage is everywhere, but have you seen the massive American Eagle digital sign in Times Square?  Check out some interesting uses of that sign.
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