2009.04 | Consumerism | Relevance | Coupons | Single Brand

Consumers Fighting Retailer Tactics – Consumers know they are being targeted, and with the pervasiveness of information and access to it, they have an increasingly good idea of how they are targeted. Have a look at this list of items to understand retailer tactics and consider how technology solutions could assist the retailer and the consumer in their shared objectives. There are also many blogs out there to help protect the consumer, and share how to get a fair shake from corporate organizations that are intentionally or unintentionally providing a sub-par experience. The best solution seems to be to embrace this type of increased scrutiny as opposed to fighting it.

Staying Relevant is tough for retailers as it is for everyone. Like any relationship, things can get stale. That’s why retailers always need to do the next thing to stay relevant, current and fun.

Coupons are increasingly popular given the downturn we find ourselves in financially. Be aware of the kinds of solutions that are making their way ever so slowly into the mainstream. Cellfire sends them to your mobile.

Brand Owners as Retailers – given the success of Apple stores, is it any wonder the single brand store is doing well? Even Microsoft is trying to help retailers improve their sales

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