2009.32 | Hacking Hackers

Hackers certainly keep life interesting with society’s increasing reliance on technology. One of the favourite activities of the hacker crowd is to find a security vulnerability of a particular solution, and showcase it to the world to prove their expertise.

Quite a cynical and negative lot, aren’t they? These can be frustrating situations for organizations who expend time and resources to build solutions to provide value to customers. The fact of the matter is that there is always going to be a way to break into something no matter how big a wall is built around it.

Apple recently fell victim to this scenario at the Black Hat conference where researchers (probably not hackers) revealed a security issue and had to quickly supply a security fix for the iPhone. An ATM company had the same issue back in June where a security issue was to be revealed at a conference by a hacker type. RFID enabled US passports have been under fire for being readable by unauthorized types. Even parking meters are getting hacked for free parking.

Is nothing sacred? In a bit of comedic justice, it seems someone (probably hackers) placed a fake ATM on the floor of a hacker conference where many of these great ideas are discussed. No word on whether anyone’s card number was stolen.

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