2009.01 | Shopping Science | Hema | Mobile Shopping

Welcome to the initiation of the Retail Techology Trends Blog.  My plan is to share a number of articles related to various items of interest; generally retail and self-service, but they may be about current trends, new ideas, or just intriguing articles that relate to the world of consumer interaction.

The Science of Shopping – The Way the Brain Buys– The Economist – This article discusses a number of ideas I’ve mentioned to many colleagues and customers in the past. Selling with other senses, using video, RFID you name it.   This document provides a great basis for discussions of new retail ideas.

Hema – This is a Netherlands based department store website. Click on this site, and leave it up for a while, and watch what happens. Retailers are constantly looking for a way to make themselves stand out. Here is an example.

Stores Clueless about Mobile Barcode Scanning Apps – iPhone has Snaptell, Google Android has ShopSavvy – two apps that you can use to price check across banners for the best price. They are in their infancy, but retailers need to catch up with these new mobile opportunities.

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