2009.03 | Clay Shirky | Department Stores | Social Web

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations – I recently listened to a fascinating interview with the author Clay Shirky on CBC’s Spark Podcast. I read the book this week. It provides a great explanation through examples of how the digital and real worlds are blurring and how the internet and communications technologies are constantly evolving as people use them differently. These changes impact our behaviour as a society and will certainly impact how people interface with customer facing organizations.

Department Stores – This segment continue to suffer. Rethinking the model is a challenge, but something needs to be done. Are there opportunities for technology solutions? Certainly, but they need to work in close alignment with the new strategies these organizations are leveraging – be it additional customer service, upscale offerings, multi-channel solutions or others.

Scoring a Pizza Delivery Via Facebook – Social networking sites have been lighting up the news for some time, but more and more opportunities are being taken to sell in these places where so many people congregate. An increasing number of retailers are trying to understand how they can tap the demographic on Facebook, Tivo, and on their mobiles to sell more to these customers without them leaving their favourite touchpoint.

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