2011.24 | Dollars to Donuts

New Canadian Notes – The Bank of Canada has publicized the design of the newest set of legal tender here in Canada.  Check out all of the details on the new security features put in place to establish consumer confidence in paper money in the time of electronic payments.  If you are a retailer, ensure that you speak to your suppliers of technology that deal with currency (bill pay kiosks, self-checkouts, vending machines, currency counters, etc.) as upgrades may be necessary due to the new material and security features of the bills.  Operational changes will certainly need to be take place to understand and communicate the new features to staff so that they can validate that no counterfeit notes are accepted at assisted service.  New $100’s are coming our way this November.  Expect the $50 in March 2012, and the $20, $10, and $5 in fall 2012.  Canadian $2 and $1 coins are also changing in late 2011 or early 2012 in an effort to reduce the cost of currency, so changes will be a foot for coinage as well.  The Dutch are actually adding a 2D barcode to their Euro coin – scan it and see where it takes you.

ZooshNarette is promising the ability to provide payment via ultrasonic communication instead of NFC.  Their promise is that a $30 upgrade gets you the hardware interface on a POS, and the required interface on the phone is in place using the speaker and microphone.   While an excellent attempt at finding the holy grail, this is yet another splinter in the ongoing mobile wallet debacle.  My main concern would be security.  It didn’t take long for Shopkick, which uses ultrasonic technology to get hacked.   Why couldn’t someone nearby just record the ultrasonic sounds and then translate them to bits they can use online?  I’m sure they have an answer, but I’m not sure I’m ready to try it with my own money yet.  via PSFK

Consumr – Like a Flixster for consumer goods, where users can review consumer goods, and ratings are provided from critics as well. No app yet, but you can see how this would provide a useful resource for shoppers once it gets onto a mobile app, where one can only assume it is headed.  One more social platform for grocers to ponder. via PSFK



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