2009.36 | Changing Approaches

The Fitting Room – LA retailer Metro Park is using the fitting room as a point of differentiation, making a potentially painful interaction- trying on a new garment – something that makes customers feel special. To take this a customer experience enhancment further, St Clair Interactive has a solution that allows retailers to understand what customers didn’t buy. Items are scanned prior to entering the fitting room, and then retailers can look for patterns in what customers left behind as well as in what they bought. Having that understanding can improve suggestion making in the store, allow for adjusted stocking practices, and help understand individual customer behaviour for loyalty card holders.

The Supply Chain – Retailers and manufacturers are always looking for an opportunity to drive out cost and ensure that the merchandise consumers want is in store. While the parameters considered are quite extensive, Tesco is taking it a bit further by incorporating weather into their calculations.

Checkout – Item level RFID had some great results at a Bloomingdales study last month. Interestingly the comments indicate that while the inventory savings are wonderful, there may be a greater opportunity for consumer benefits in leveraging RFID – help finding items, immediately provide details on size and colour, suggest coordinating items by scanning them and many more.

In Aisle – With the costs of technology going ever downward, expect to see more interactive solutions within the aisles as you shop. The costs and functionality of price verifiers and kiosk platforms are crowding ever closer, making the only obstacles a good interactive program and the operational support to make it happen. Expect the usual lack of knowledgeable staff to be replaced by viable useful technology solutions.

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