2011.47 | Latest Retail Tech Links

New-tritional Labeling – A controversial question, but I really admire this effort at re-thinking how  the nutritional value of foods is presented.  This is a tough area to solve, as everyone has different ideas of nutrition and what is good for you.

Savvy is a mobile tool to track prices after your purchase to ensure you take advantage of price guarantees.  Just take a picture of the receipt from a growing list of retailers, and the app takes care of the rest.

Domino’s is letting build their own pizzas as part of an iPad game called Domino’s Pizza Hero.  This is definitely a clever way to get into the hearts and minds of the kids who use their parent’s iPads to play.

AT&T has a new Concept Store in Chicago.

Hertz has new check-in kiosks that provide a video link to remote staff to provide a live link to the check-in.

Check out this Superhydrophobic Coating It’s touted as a way of protecting electronics from spills but I’m with the guy who wrote it…this could save my clothes.

2010.40 | FCUK’s Youtique

Yet another channel for retail is now open with the recent initiation of FCUK’s “Youtique” on Youtube.  This channel allows customers and potential customers to watch videos highlighting FCUK fashions presented by a hostess.  At the end of each clip, the viewer is provided with an option to view other fashion selections depending on the occasion for which they are dressing.  There is also a tagged video catalogue at the end of each clip that allows the viewer to click on the item of interest directly on the model and buy it from the FCUK website.

What makes this channel all the more interesting is that at some point, we can expect that this sort of content will be available on mobile devices, PC’s, and on TV’s.  If Nick Bilton’s 1-2-10 [= distance from each type of screen – mobile=1 foot, PC=2 feet, TV=10 feet] rules drive how the interface would change by platform to suit the needs of the user, this would provide a very powerful curated retail experience for potential customers in the place and manner of their choosing.

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