2010.38 | New Restaurant Technology

I just read a fascinating Fast Company article on how McDonald’s is remaking itself.  The article contains a great deal of discussion on decoration, layout and customer experience.   There are also passing references to experimentation with commonly tested but selectively implemented solutions such as queue busting, new drive thru layouts and self ordering kiosks.

Other restaurants are trying some slightly less traditional solutions:

Electronic Sommelier – Atlanta’s Bone’s restaurant are using iPads to replace their extensive winelist covering more than 1,300 wines.  Incentient provides these as well as digital menu solutions.

Mobile Order Entry Lecere is piloting a point of sale system for casual dining establishments based on iPhone and iPad platforms.

Social Media Menu Building – New restaurant 4Food, recently opened in NYC, is wall to wall technology.  Customers can order food online for pickup or delivery, order via an iPad in the restaurant, and see recent tweets by and about the restaurant on a giant video screen.  The digital menu boards change based on the availability of ingredients.  Customers can even design their own creations, name them, and collect royalties when their friends order them by name.

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