7 Cool Advantages of Getting a Cooling System for Data Centres  


Precision air conditioners are designed to cool sensitive IT equipment, as opposed to comfort air conditioners designed to cool people. The precision air conditioner’s primary function is to regulate the temperature, stands as a close control unit, and humidity of the IT room. In addition to temperature, excessive heat can impair the device’s functionality. What advantages do precision air conditioners have over comfort air conditioners?

#1. The precision with humidity control.

Precision humidity regulation Electronic devices require a constant level of humidity to function. In the long run, high and low humidity levels can be detrimental, and thus you must incorporate a CRAH.

#2. Can withstand heat.

Precision air conditioners can control high levels of sensible heat (heat without humidity, emitted by machines), as opposed to comfort/standard air conditioners are designed to control latent heat (heat with humidity, emanated by people).

#3. Optimal durability.

Precision cooling systems are built for continuous operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Room air conditioners are typically intended for use for only a few hours and only during the summer.

#4. Improved air distribution.

Precision air conditioners distribute air more effectively. They have higher CFM rates, which allow them to move more air at higher speeds than standard air conditioners. Consequently, there are fewer airborne particles due to the air conditioner.

#5. Upgradeable units.

As a result of regular software/firmware updates, precision cooling air conditioners can deploy new features or improve existing ones.

#6. Simultaneous unit coordination.

Multiple precision air conditioners can coordinate accordingly and automatically control (increase/decrease) individual AC loads for efficient cooling in larger spaces.

#7. High precision.

Precision air conditioners belong to the category of high-precision machines, and specifically the category of dependable and durable high-power devices. Buying a fan wall unit will solve the problem of regulating the room’s temperature.

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