Lorawan Technology : Summary

Lorawan (r) is a network-based, secure wireless technology for low-power IoT networks. It connects devices to the Internet and manages communication between end nodes, devices and network gateways. Lorawan offers long-distance wireless connections to low-power IoT terminals operating on unlicensed frequencies. Lorawan has a large ecosystem of device manufacturers, gateway manufacturers, antenna manufacturers, network service


Overcoming the Challenges of ESG Sustainability Reporting

Do you have a business or organization and have been wondering how to enhance its performance? One of the proven strategies you can adopt is ESG reporting. This is disclosing the social, environmental, and corporate impacts of a company. The process involves developing clear goals and strategies for reducing the negative impacts of a business

Convert JFIF to JPG Online

How to Convert JFIF to JPG Online?

MiConv File Converter is an amazing application where you can convert numerous things such as images, spreadsheets, documents, presentations, audio, video, CAD, eBooks, fonts, archives, mesh and many more. You can easily use it for converting JFIF to JPG for a smooth and successful conversion. There are few steps to follow to do so, and


Best Tool for Your Online Catering Services 

Catering services can be profitable, but can also be challenging, if you are new to the catering business, you may find it somewhat difficult to get customers. Even if you are able to get some customers, keeping those customers loyal to your brand can be challenging. The solution to keeping your customers faithful to your


All You Need To Know About Superserver

SuperServer is ideally Solvenia based Web hosting company having experience of more than a decade. The web hosting solutions available include reseller hosting, SSL certificates, web hosting, reseller hosting, and other services. It also has SuperServer 6029TP HTR. The best part about this tool is that it overviews the arrival of the client requests and