How Can Featuritis Affect Your Policy Management System?


Many of us are a new comer to the word featuritis. Featuritis could be a trend business are following by searching into making an applicationOrsoftware feature-wealthy that ultimately leads to software bloating. Although the objective of the developers is to make a product more helpful for clients, they complete at risking efficiency. The way featuritis begins.

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Let us take one of the insurance plan industry. The insurers seek a personalized existence insurance software strategy to facilitate their operations like the billing process, policies issuance, payments within the claims, etc. Additionally, they would like to incorporate some automated functions for notifications and reporting too. Certainly, it could appear interesting to get a system that may instantly reinstate underwriting notices, update payments, import removed checks making formulations an ordinary monthly report. But, is adding abilities may be the only solution to make a product helpful?

Must be fact, a method with innovative features assists claims management process. But developers can concentrate on some workarounds instead of continue adding several features. Like manual clearance within the checks is effective in reducing involve adding importing removed checks functionality. By simply prioritizing the applications really needed, you are able to enhance system’s capacity and stop system’s modifications.

Ideas have obtain the methods featuritis may affect your policy management system:

Reliance upon new personnel

Since, hiring employees isn’t any under pricey activity in insurance industry, getting new employees aboard becomes much more challenging. A charge card applicatoin solution, however, might help replace new personnel. But, once the software solution will most likely get hit by featuritis, new users will battle to use.

Elevated Timelines:

Team initiates a charge card applicatoin development project by outlining its specific needs and timelines. Speculate the task starts, business analysts start demanding adding more features/functionalities within the software. This, consequently, make developers to make use of individuals changes which ultimately improves the project timelines.

Terrible QA Process:

A QA analyst implements the QA process once the developed technique is like it happen to be specified initially. He/she is the reason applying controlled testing and developing automated scripts. However, if developers raise the features somewhere, QAs need to focus on modifying specifications furthermore to redesigning the general process. In situation final needs aren’t specified, future testing may be affected.

Strategies To Prevent Featuritis:

Managers usually review all of the change demands made with the development process. While reviewing they have to determine the outcomes of denying change demands. They have to evaluate whether it could make any effect on the departments on any particular tasks. Also, if adding feature can easily raise the overall development process or any workaround within our design can enhance efficiency. In addition to, time showed up at implement abilities.

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