How Does An E Signature Improve My Workplace Productivity?


New things always replace the old. That has always been the cycle whenever an innovation came and became available to the general public. No matter how doubtful they are with digital signing solutions, many businesses consider trying the new technology. After all, the world’s technological advancement has brought countless conveniences to everyone.

Unlike a hundred years ago or before the existence of e signature, people will travel far and wide to reach out to get the signature they need. This old-school method takes so much time. It can take a few days or weeks, depending on how far the location of both parties is.

Luckily, the current public transportation is much faster. Anyone can get to another town within a few minutes. However, is waiting that long worth it and can continue to improve workplace productivity? It depends, but in our case, the answer is no.

Whenever we send our new hires to seek signatures from the parties involved, they take a long time, and they often bring some unsigned documents. ‘I am sorry. I thought I had them signed all of the documents already,’ said the new hires. It was one of the exact phrases they uttered when they defended themselves against their mistake. While it is true that no one is perfect, we got tired of hearing their excuses, which led us to embrace e signature

Embracing Secured E Signature

We initially considered exchanging documents by email and allowing the other parties to deliver the files with their signatures. The problem, however, is that this method was secured. We had to rely on secure electronic signature software to guarantee the safety of people who work and engage with us.

What we loved about the virtual sign is that they involve cryptographic encryption. No one else besides the authorised parties can access the signed documents and see when the parties sign the papers.

Our clients had less than nothing to worry about their personal information since the digital signature solutions we availed will help secure the virtual sign they left on the legal documents. Before anyone can access the signed documents, they must validate several authentications sent via email and phone.

Foolproof Digital Signing Solutions

Since digital signing solutions use a decentralised system, all parties involved can view who signed, but they can never edit the date or the placement of the e signature. Because of this feature, as a business owner, I rest assured that there is little to no chance of forgery that will happen if we embrace and use this virtual sign software.

Should You Also Embrace E Signature?

Embracing new technology like e signature can help improve your workplace productivity in various ways. To get first-hand experience, consider taking advantage of Dedoco’s 30-day free trial. We did this as well before finalising signing a partnership with them. We let our employees use their software and ask them about their experience. The collective response helped us make our decision to embrace e signature completely.

Contact Dedoco by leaving a message on their website if you are interested in their digital signing solutions!

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