How much will the iPhone 13 cost, as well as how much storage does it have?


The iPhone 13 price relies on which of the four variations you acquire, how much storage you choose and whether you’re purchasing through an unlocked or provider. Here’s everything to find out about the iPhone 13 rate structure, as well as preorder information.

Without a carrier price cut, the iPhone 13 starts at US$ 829 or ₤ 779, or AU$ 1,349, for 128GB, which is two times the storage space of the base iPhone 12 version. The iPhone 13 Mini starts at US$729, ₤ 679, or AU$ 1,199, for the very same 128GB of storage space. Like the iPhone 12, if you buy an apple iPhone 13 or 13 Mini tied to an US service provider, you’ll get a $30 discount.

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iPhone 13 Pro begins at US$ 999, ₤ 949, or AU$ 1,699, as well as the 13 Pro Max’s rate is US$ 1,099, ₤ 1,049, or AU$ 1,849, for 128GB storage space. Now you have the alternative to get 1TB of storage space on an iPhone. The added storage space is only offered on the Pro models as well as pushes the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s rate to US$ 1,599.

Does the iPhone 13 Pro have a 120Hz refresh rate?


Both Pro versions now obtain a greater 120Hz refresh price, which makes animations as well as scrolling look smoother and PC gaming extra immersive. Android phones, whether they are pricey or otherwise, generally feature a high refresh rate display. Already, the only Apple phone to supply this refresh rate was iPad Pro, which utilizes an LCD display as opposed to the OLED that you get on the iPhone 13 Pro as well as 13 Pro Max.

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