Migration of Database from Oracle to MySQL



When talking about database management systems supplied with rich arrangement of authoritative tools and programming APIs, Oracle and MySQL falls in this category. In any case, Oracle on its part accompanies a prohibitive authorizing approach that has high cost of proprietorship while MySQL then again accompanies less prohibitive permit since it’s open source. That is one of the motivation behind why a ton of organizations and organizations think about moving their databases from Oracle to MySQL.

The way toward moving database from Oracle to MySQL requires a considerable measure of endeavors when done physically. Likewise, there is a propensity of loss of data or debasement because of human factor. To stay away from this, you should utilize committed programming that will empower you automate the change procedure.

One of the tools that can help in this procedure is Oracle to MySQL made by Intelligent Converters. Intelligent Converters are frontiers in the software industry with focus on database conversion, migration and synchronization since 2001. The product additionally underpins different rendition of Oracle and MySQL including cloud arrangements. It additionally offers summon line form to empower clients automate and to plan database change. The Oracle to MySQL converter programming does not just move data from Oracle into new database yet additionally combine or synchronize it with existing MySQL database.

Likewise, the tool permits to channel data by means of SELECT questions. With this alternative, it is conceivable to select specific segments and records or even change the data previously converting it into MySQL design. Here is a couple of cases of utilizing this element for various purposes.

  • Filtering records: SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE KeyColumn > 1000
  • Select and rename singular segments: SELECT column1 AS Name, column2 as Phone FROM MyTable
  • Skip NULL esteems: SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Address IS NOT NULL

Regularly, it is important to change segment compose in the subsequent database. Thus, Oracle to MySQL converter gives highlight called “custom segment mapping”. The element that permits evolving name, type, default esteem and NULL-characteristic for any section of table and prohibit certain segments from change.

In the event that the objective MySQL server does not permit remote association, the program can export the data into SQL content. In this approach source database is exported into neighborhood record containing SQL-statements to make tables with all lists and requirements and fill them with the data. At that point database administrator can import the content record to MySQL server by means of one of the accompanying tools:

  • In MySQL command line client use this statement

mysql – h have – u client – p – vvf database_name < script_file

  • In phpMyAdmin database management web-interface take the following steps
  • Click on the proper database name in the left edge.
  • Select ‘SQL’ tab at the top of the screen by clicking it.
  • Enter full way to the landfill document in ‘Area of the textfile’ field or snap ‘Peruse’ button to find it through the directory tree.
  • Click ‘Go’ button.

(Note, that phpMyAdmin permits to import dump document into a current MySQL database just, so the landfill record ought not contain ‘Make DATABASE’ articulation.)



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