Online Payment: Important Point To Consider: 


Most online consumers prefer to pay their bills from the website where they purchase. Customers prefer to pay you directly through your website or app, even if you don’t manage an e-commerce channel. The good news is that adopting an electronic payment solution gives you this possibility. It allows you to accept bank transfers, credit card payments, and other electronic transactions. But if a digital commerce platform already accepts online payments, why use an online payment solution? 

Typically, e-commerce software solutions only handle basic transactions. But integrated electronic payment technology goes beyond simple debit and credit card processing. It can handle all major transactions, such as pre-authorization, post-authorization, sale, void, and credit. It also offers more flexibility on a case-by-case basis. Know about Scams to Warn Your Customers About here.

For example, you can use an integrated electronic payment processor to adjust an amount after authorization if you anticipate additional charges, such as variable charges (most commonly freight or delivery charges). This facilitates deposits on orders or processing transactions on published invoices (for example, when a slow bank transfer is declined).  

In short, it gives your business more transactional flexibility than a single e-commerce solution.   Electronic payment solutions also simplify payment processes for various sales channels. Not only will your customers benefit, but your customer accounts will have fewer manual and more automated tasks, and you will waste less time trying to get paid. 

Advantages Of Online Payment

And it’s not just for large businesses: 41% of consumers want a convenient payment acceptance solution when shopping with small businesses or service providers. But, small and medium-sized B2B customers want the ability to pay their bills online. Here are two advantages: 

Securing Payments 

Data security is at the heart of customer concerns. It is, therefore, essential to strengthen the security of debit and credit card payments. k-ecommerce’s integrated payment solution (KIP) offers a PCI Level 1 certified private cloud environment and uses AVS/CV2 validation to ensure the security of your customer’s card data. So you can be sure that your customer’s payment information is safe. 

Mitigation Of Personnel Issues 

Since integrated payment systems by E-Complish for example send payments directly into companies’ accounting software, they are easy to use and adapt quickly. In the event of an unexpected downsizing, your accounting team can continue to work at the same capacity level. There will be no need to hire a new employee in the Accounts Receivable team to re-enter credit card transaction data and reconcile accounts. You can reallocate these resources to other strategic roles that further contribute to the growth of your business.


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