Overview of Software for Working with TikTok


TikTok Tool is a simple and convenient program for promoting this social network. One of the advantages of the software is the safety of workers. While using the program, the application sees your account as a regular user who entered the application from the phone. Therefore, the risk of blocking a profile for cheating on TikTok is practically zero.

Pay attention to one of the best online video downloaders for TikTok https://qload.info available for uploading content without a watermark. It should be noted that during the first authorization from a new device, TikTok will ask you to confirm the entrance and show a captcha with a puzzle. All actions can be performed directly in the TikTok Tool interface.

The program has a convenient division into 2 types of accounts:

  • Technical – will be needed for parsing, filtering, and other massive actions that are not directly related to the promotion.
  • Target – accounts that need to be promoted, will be mass-liked, mass-following, unsubscribed.

For the target account, you need to use your profile, technical ones can be created in the program using several different email addresses.

What you can do in the TikTok Tool:

  • Audience gathering – target audience is collected by hashtags and competitors. The assembled audience is automatically saved in the program, it will be possible to select it by launching bulk actions.
  • User filtering – carried out directly during the collection of the target audience. You can create ignore lists or filter out TikTokers that are already in your account subscribers.
  • Mass following and mass liking – starts after collecting and filtering the target audience. You can set a timeout for subscriptions, the number of likes for each profile, the number of subscriptions.

There is also the possibility to unsubscribe from non-reciprocal subscriptions later using the Unsubscribe tool.

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