Provide fast and accurate order fulfillment


If you don’t use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), it’s likely an ongoing challenge for your team to meet your order shipment dates — especially if you’re already receiving a massive amount of orders. Fulfillment rates are critical, however, to your rankings in search results and competitiveness for the Buy Box.

Investigate your processes and look for ways to improve. In most cases, businesses find that investing in FBA is the best option, as Amazon considers FBA to have the best performance metrics when it comes to fulfilling orders.

With the best performance metrics, your business can increase its online visibility in search results, win its product Buy Boxes, and earn more sales. That helps your company achieve its goals for growth and maximize its Amazon revenue.

Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

One of the most common recommendations for improving Amazon sales focuses on FBA. This service reduces your company’s responsibilities when it comes to fulfilling, exchanging, and returning orders. Plus, FBA scales with your business, which is essential when you’re looking to increase sales.

FBA does come with additional costs, but in most cases is worth the price. Plus, many consumers see FBA as a trust signal — they know the product comes with Amazon’s fast shipping and easy returns, which can make their purchase decision easier.

Offer purchase add-ons

Depending on your product, business, and industry, you can offer service add-ons to product purchases. For example, if your company sells ceiling fans, you can coordinate with an approved partner to provide installation services.

When a shopper buys your product, they have the option to add on the installation. Amazon processes the product and installation payment, and then the partner contacts the shopper to schedule an installation date.

For a lot of shoppers, this is a unique perk.

They don’t have to research an installer. Instead, you’ve already recommended one. Plus, shoppers pay for everything at once, which saves them the time of providing their credit card information more than once.

Make your products Amazon Prime eligible

If you want to reach the shoppers that spend the most on Amazon, then you need to make your products Amazon Prime eligible. For reference, there are more than 100 million Amazon Prime members, and they spend more than $1000 per year on the platform.

That translates to more than $100 billion in sales each year.

Join FBA and your products become eligible for not only Amazon Prime but also free shipping. For shoppers, that’s a unique selling point. Plus, it provides your product with a competitive edge as your product remains in the running, even when shoppers use the Amazon Prime filter.

Run an Amazon PPC campaign vendors can also increase their Amazon sales by developing an Amazon PPC campaign. With a PPC campaign, whether for Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands, or Product Display Ads, you can reach your target audience as they search for related products.

Plus, your product appears at the top of search results — above organic listings. That provides your product with tremendous exposure from shoppers, which can cause them to not only click on your product listing but add your product to their shopping cart.

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