Proxy server: what is it and why use it


A proxy server is a remote computer that acts as an intermediate between users and Internet resources. Its task is to transmit all requests from the user to the Internet and to broadcast the responses received back.

Why do you need a proxy?

Such intermediaries are quite versatile and can be used in several scenarios:

  • For privacy. So those sites don’t know who exactly is visiting them.
  • To increase the level of security when going online. Basic attacks will be directed at the proxy.
  • It is also needed to access content that exists only in a certain location.
  • To speed up access to certain websites and resources on the Internet.
  • To access blocked pages. Sites, messengers, games, and so on.

People use proxies and hide behind foreign IP addresses to avoid blocking. But then again, there are exceptions where the proxy server openly shares data about the user with the site and is only used to speed up the connection.

The principle itself is quite complicated and you need to know more about data center hosted proxies to fully understand it. But even without the knowledge, you can enjoy all the benefits of a proxy, you just need to choose what type you want.

Types of proxies

Let’s take a look at the most common proxies.


Such a proxy server does not hide any information from the website it visits.


A more popular type of proxy. Unlike the first one, it also tells the site it is visited about itself but does not pass over the client’s private data.


Such proxies also show everything about themselves but pass fake user data instead of the real one.

High Anonymity

Such proxies regularly change their IP addresses, constantly giving fake data.

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