2009.52 | Having it Your Way

Bespoke products have been common for a number of years – custom Levis and custom Nikes are a couple of well known examples.  A recent NYT article profiled the practice of purchasing customized gifts online.  This trend highlights the increasing ability of companies to provide products and solutions that are customized to the individual.  This is true of not only the products, but the manner in which consumers can obtain them.

Consumer facing organizations would do well to note Trendwatching’s 10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010.  Understanding these consumer directions is key to implementing a technology roadmap to accommodate the infrastructure necessary to stay ahead of the competition and build consumer interfaces that allow each company’s own unique customer base to connect, interact and transact business in the way that they choose.

2009.51 | Quick Thoughts on Trends

Tis the season for packed schedules.  Given the lack of time for all, here are a few very brief items around retail technology (ok, some of it goes beyond retail) for 2010:

2009 has seen lots of change, expect more in 2010!

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