The citizens of New York can thank Stratis Morfogen for the dissemination of information regarding the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and The Automat Experience


In May 2021, Stratis Morfogen, a business owner and eatery, gave people the first opportunity to eat in a socially awkward setting. He, like many other people, had their opinions modified after hearing what was spoken at the COVID conference. A dish from one of Morfogen’s renowned Brooklyn Chop House restaurants in New York City served there gave him the idea for the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a fast-food establishment open around-the-clock that use automated technology to efficiently serve customers. There is a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in the West Village.

Contrary to the name of the shop, the dumplings are anything but common (Brooklyn Dumpling House)

Each one is created to resemble a bite from a particular meal or type of international cuisine. If you prefer something sweet, you can get a peanut butter and jelly, a bacon cheeseburger, a Philly cheesesteak, a Reuben, chicken parmesan, crispy pork, or even a chicken parm. Here are a few illustrations of these works of art. Vegetarians and vegans now have a range of well-liked vegetarian options to select from, like the Impossible Burger. The restaurant’s Brooklyn Chop Bowls are a brand-new and intriguing supper choice. Steamed or fried chicken, shrimp, or even tofu-based “chicken” can be found in these bowls. The bowls come with a variety of sauces, including the restaurant’s proprietary peanut sauce as well as Beijing, Kung Pao, Sweet and Sour, Buffalo Ranch, and others.

A piece of technology called Smart AutoFlow makes placing an order simpler than before

Start placing your order at the register at the front counter of the business, where there is an electronic ordering system. Your food is made by a person, not a machine, after your ticket is discarded. Your food is kept at the right temperature and its packaging is cleaned by a “automat” (such a Panasonic-powered warm food locker using ONDO technology). If you open the vending machine door and wait a few minutes, lunch or dinner will be brought right to your door. The icing on the cake is the ability to place an order using your phone, scan a barcode to have it prepared for pickup, and then carry on with your day.

The company said on its website a year ago that it will be building 19 new campuses across the nation. According to a recent interview with Morfogen, our company has sold 250 franchises and is considering signing a deal for 100 more units in Dubai. We stand out from other franchisees because we founded and managed the company totally on our own. All of our members can contact with one another through a community forum, exchange ideas, and lend support to one another.

In order to enhance the customer experience, Stratis Morfogen plans to build automated drive-throughs outside of New York City. The first fully automated, internationally standardised hospitality service is offered at the East Village site in New York City. You may place an order from Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s wide mail-order menu while you wait for one to open in your neighbourhood. By the end of the year, Walmart stores all around the country will carry their dumplings.

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