Top 4 Mistakes When Choosing A Car Tracker In Singapore


GPS trackers have proven their effectiveness and usefulness in tracking things. Did you know that there is a GPS tracker for kids in Singapore? But the most common use of GPS trackers is for vehicles. Many logistics companies equip their cars with GPS trackers to monitor their movement on the ground in real-time.

Choosing a car tracker in Singapore is not easy. Sometimes, people make mistakes when buying one. Here are the common mistakes in buying GPS trackers:

  1. Opting for the cheap ones

It can be tempting to buy a GPS tracker; however, expect subpar performance and quality. Cheap models may not have an advanced real time location system. You may need to invest money in high-quality, accurate, reliable, and durable GPS trackers.

  1. Forgetting about the testing

Accuracy is crucial in a car tracker in Singapore. Most IoT companies in Singapore use the most advanced real time location system to ensure the device’s tracking accuracy and precision.

It is advisable to test the device first to guarantee accuracy. Most companies allow test drives, so don’t fret about asking for a test.

  1. Visibility

A car tracker in Singapore is helpful during stealing. Car owners can easily track their vehicle’s whereabouts when they are stolen. However, thieves are sly, too. They often look for the GPS tracker and remove them from the car to avoid tracking.

Don’t choose a visible GPS tracker. Choose one that is invisible to the naked eye. GPS trackers have excellent reception outside the car, so pick one that can latch tightly and securely on the underside of the vehicle, rear lights, or behind the boot cover.

  1. Buying difficult-to-operate GPS

Usability should be a priority when buying a car tracker. Some trackers are hard to kickstart. Some even require unnecessary programming. Choose a real-time location tracking system that is user-friendly.

Don’t make mistakes when buying a car tracker in Singapore; otherwise, you will regret your purchase.

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