Why is Instagram the platform for influencer marketing?


Are you planning to launch an influencer marketing campaign? Not sure which platform you should go for? Well, Instagram is the platform for you. Instagram is no doubt the most popular choice for  influencer marketing. There are a huge number of influencers on Instagram. But why do brands actually prefer to work with Instagram influencers? Here, we have come up with a few reasons that will help you to understand why Instagram is the perfect choice for influencer marketing:

Instagram users have a higher engagement rate: The biggest reason why so many influences are on Instagram is that Instagram has an extremely high engagement rate for the influencers. A micro influencer on Instagram can gain a lot of popularity in a very short time. That is the reason why brands these days are taking the help of Instagram for promoting their products. The number of 威而鋼
influencers on Instagram after more than that on Twitter or Facebook. Also, a study has stated that brands and companies have four times more engagement on Instagram that they have on Facebook. This is because of numerous reasons and one of these reasons is that people love visiting Instagram feeds. They also find Instagram to be a simpler platform. You can even
get more IG followers by improving your engagement rate.

There is a close relationship between Instagram users and brands: The relationship that exists between Instagram users and brands is much better than that of other social media platforms. Over 80% of the Instagram users follow at least one brand of their choice. They also engage with the brands more often. Instagram users like to see the products and services in their feed. They also use their feeds to keep themselves up to date with everything that is happening around them. This makes Instagram an extremely interesting platform for influencer marketing and the popularity is also going to rise with years. 

Instagram has an active audience: Instagram is a very large social media platform. It is also known for its active audience. Every month, you will find over 1 billion active users on Instagram. People also log on to their Instagram accounts multiple times. Instagram stories have also become rapidly popular. Smartphone owners also have an Instagram app installed on their mobile so that they can browse through their profiles every now and then. You should also keep in mind that getting more social media followers is also an important part of influencer marketing strategy.

Instagram users have a lot of income: Instagram influencer marketing can be a really good way to earn a lot of money. Brands use the influencers to increase their followers and engagement rate. This, in turn, helps them to trigger sales and also improve their return on investment. These influencers also earn a lot while taking part in these campaigns. There are a lot of people who are also starting their brands on Instagram. This is making them popular instantly. Their products are also getting noticed. This form of marketing is also simpler than traditional marketing methods.

Instagram has a huge potential to reach: Beyond the large active audience of Instagram, there is another reason why Instagram is perfect for influencer marketing. This is its potential reach. Even if you are working with a micro influencer who has around a few thousand followers, their Instagrams posts will get a potential reach. This can be done through the use of popular hashtags. Hashtags will allow the users to discover your content and also gain access to your brand. You can also make posts at a convenient time to increase the chances of them getting noticed.

And these are some of the popular social media marketing tips that will allow you to excel at influencer marketing. In case you have any other tips in mind, do let us know and we will share them with the readers.

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