All You Need To Know About Google Ad Fraud

Google ad fraud refers to various illicit practices that can take place within Google’s advertising tool, AdWords, and other Search advertising products. Ad fraud is a major issue that can lead to squandered ad spend, misguiding ad measurements, and reduced investment returns for marketers from click fraud protection. Types Of Ad Fraud The following are some


How to spot a ghostwritten book

Ghostwriting is the practice of writing a book, article, or other written work for someone else who is credited as the author. The person who writes the work, the ghostwriter, is not credited or acknowledged as the author, and their work is usually paid for by the person who is credited as the author. Ghostwriting


What is Instant Message Recording?

Instant message recording captures, stores, and manages chat messages exchanged over an instant messaging (IM) platform. It captures all the components of a chat conversation, including text, images, files, voice and video messages and the metadata associated with the conversation. This data can then be used for regulatory compliance, archiving, and auditing purposes. With the


5 Benefits Of Modern Prefabricated Data Centers

Gone are the days where you had to use a traditional prefabricated data center. Back then old modular center systems were slow and offered little to no value. But nowadays, brand-new prefabricated data center systems come with many benefits! Discover the benefits of using a modern prefabricated data center for your business. 1. LESS TIME-CONSUMING

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