Buying budget gaming monitors: Factors that really matter!


A perfect gaming setup requires a great console and an equally good monitor. The good news is there are all sorts of gaming monitors out there, depending on how much you wish to spend. Some monitors can cost $1000 or more, but you can also get something like Primecables 4K gaming monitor for as low as $400. So, what kind of gaming monitor should you buy? What are some of the basic things that you need to check? Here is a really handy guide that will help beginners. 

  1. Start with the resolution. The resolution of a gaming monitor is one of the key things to consider. At the least, think of a Full HD monitor, which has the resolution of 1080p, but there are many gamers, who believe that nothing but a 4K screen will suffice. 
  2. Think of the size. When it comes to gaming monitors, the size is a key factor to consider. Since you will be pretty close to the screen, it doesn’t make sense to buy a huge monitor, where you cannot catch up all the action. Experts recommend beginners to start with a smaller size, no more than a 30-inch model. If you want to pick something more ideal, go for a 27-inch gaming monitor. 
  3. Refresh rate is important. Coming to the technical aspects, you have to consider the refresh rate of a gaming monitor¸ which basically refers to the number of times your monitor updates each second. This is measured in hertz. If you don’t want to go into deep details, just remember that bigger is always better, and at the least, you need a model with 60 Hz refresh rate. Response times of a monitor is also important, and shorter is always better. 
  4. Think of the panel type. There are three different types of panels in the market – TN, IPS and VA. If you want a fast monitor but don’t mind a decent picture quality, an TN panel would be the ideal bet. Compared to VA panels, IPS monitors do better when it comes to response time and contrast. 
  5. Avoid curved monitors for now. Since this guide is directed towards beginners, it is in their best interests and budget considerations that they avoid a curved monitor. While a curved monitor does add to the gaming experience, the price often doubles immediately. 

Check online for best deals on both regular and curved monitors for gaming. 

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