WhatsApp vs. WeChat vs. Telegram – Who is the World’s Largest Communication Provider?


More and more users have shifted from short message service (SMS) to instant messaging (IM) applications. IM apps enabled people to send text messages for free, encouraging individuals to use them instead of SMS. WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram are among the most popular messaging platforms individuals use worldwide.

Recent statistics show that WhatsApp remains as the world’s largest communication provider, serving two billion active users globally each month. This has surpassed the combined 1.4 billion active monthly users of WeChat and Telegram. In the United States, the Facebook-owned messaging app only gained popularity after the social media giant purchased it. Surprisingly, the U.S. alone has more than 25 million unique users monthly, followed by Telegram (almost 3.5 million) and WeChat (near 1.5 million).

Moreover, WhatsApp is the second most regularly used messaging platform among ages 18-64 after Facebook Messenger in the U.S. It overwhelmingly ranks best against WeChat and Telegram, as the former had 25% regular users while the latter had 3%.

The number of WhatsApp users in the U.S. has continuously grown since 2015. The said IM app was only used by 16 million people that year. In 2021, it had more than 25 million users. WhatsApp is also the most popular IM app in 133 countries, while WeChat and Telegram are popularly known in three nations each. 

With its wide popularity, businesses might consider integrating WhatsApp into their operations. Unfortunately, enterprises under regulated industries must comply with text messaging regulations. Because of this, using archiving tools, such as WeCom call monitoring, to archive text messages, voice or video calls, and other forms of electronic communication is important for regulatory compliance.

A reputable mobile archiving company can help businesses address the need for automated message recording and storing in IM apps. It can assist different enterprises with WeCom call recording and offer related services to meet regulations.

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